It’s one of the most triggering and yet uttered words. “Fuck” isn’t just a word, it’s an action.  And right now, we’re fucking all over the place. 

So why should you give a fuck about reading this book?

Because currently, we aren’t taking responsibility with the way we are fucking Her. “Her” as in  the women in our lives, the planet, and the her—or feminine—in all of us (#Mentoo). How we fuck one thing, is how we fuck everything—regardless of your gender. 

What if I told you “fuck” means to create? This makes you all a bunch of fuckers—or creators—and that’s a terrifying concept because it’d mean you’d have to take ownership of all the things happening in your life. 

What are you creating with your fuck?
Are you creating fear or love?
Isolation or daring for connection?
Are you in for the climax or the whole ride? 

“Book title” will mind-fuck your perception. It will rock your perspective and how you engage with the world. It is confronting, liberating, and designed to stir your own sense of purpose, inspiration and responsibility. At its core, it will help bring balance to HIStory by adding HERstory. Through provocative insights, personal anecdotes and practical tips, you will become a better fucker, more conscious of where you ‘Give a fuck,’ and, frankly, help you to be a more freely expressed human being.